Monsanto Vegetable Seed Brands

Monsanto is constantly improving its range of products for growers with new processes and technology. We have more than 2,000 products in over 20 crops for open field and protected culture, fitting local consumer preferences and production needs.

    Vegetable Seed Brands

  • DeRuiter
  • Seminis


Vegetable Seed Products

Our products are grouped by crop family.

Solanaeceous Cucurbits Root and Bulb Large Seed Brassica Leafy
Eggplant Cucumber Carrot Bean (dry and garden) Broccoli Fennel
Pepper (hot and sweet) Pumpkin Leek Pea Cabbage Lettuce
Tomato Squash Onion Sweet Corn Chinese Cabbage Spinach
Rootstock Melon Cauliflower
DeRuiter Seeds