In every industry, innovation is needed to drive advancements, improvements and growth – and agriculture is certainly no exception.  At Monsanto, innovation is an enabling energy within our culture, and today we are proud to be on the forefront of creating new products and systems that help farmers grow more food while reducing the impact of farming on the environment.


The Use of Patents to Protect Scientific Innovation

Intellectual property laws protect inventions and creativity – ultimately resulting in the development of world-class, innovative products.  Like other companies that invest in research to develop useful new products, Monsanto commonly seeks intellectual property protection, including patents and often plant breeders’ rights, to cover many of the traits and seed varieties we develop.

- Saved Seed and Farmer Court Cases (1997-2013)

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Collaboration is Key to Nourishing a Growing World: Our Response to the special interest group U.S. Right to Know

At Monsanto, we’re working with others to address some of the world’s biggest challenges – from combating climate change, to preserving water and other resources, to making a more balanced meal accessible for everyone. No one person or organization has all the solutions to these issues. But we can all do our part.

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Support for Independent Academic Research on Our Patented Products

Independent researchers are able to conduct studies on our seeds, and they do so frequently. Monsanto supports independent research  and has agreements with all major agriculture-focused U.S. universities (approximately 100 in total). These agreements enable researchers to conduct independent studies with our patented products with as few constraints as possible.

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