Investor Links

Below are particularly useful links for investors interested in further data or information about historical or projected agricultural trends.

FAPRI 2010 World Agricultural Outlook
An annual brief from the Food and Agricultural Policy Institute providing agricultural trends with prospective outlooks for key crops.

USDA Agricultural Projections to 2018
Released in February 2009, this report provides long run (10-year) projections for the agricultural sector through 2018.

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service - Quick Stats
This is access to a database developed and maintained by the USDA with historical data on all U.S. crops.

Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (FATUS)
This is an extensive database reflecting the status and flow of U.S. agricultural exports.

USDA NASS -- Charts and Maps Link
A graphic depiction of key production trends in key U.S. crops.

Commodity Costs and Returns
A dataset compiled by the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) with data and analyses available at regional and national levels back to 1975.