Every season, farmers evaluate the numerous companies with which they could do business. We are honored millions of farmers and their families decide to put their trust in us and buy our products.

At Monsanto, we are dedicated to providing farmers the broadest choice of products and services that will help them produce more, conserve more and lead improved lives. We offer:

  • high-yielding conventional and biotech seeds
  • advanced traits and technologies that enable more nutritious and durable crops
  • safe and effective crop protection solutions

Monsanto offers farmers a wide range of corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, sorghum and sugar cane seeds. We use our elite seed genetics and cutting-edge traits and technologies to create products that meet farmers’ wants and needs. These products are offered through various brands – each of which provides farmers around the world with the solutions that best fit their farms.

Whether it’s combating insects, controlling weeds, or simply increasing productivity, farmers can rest assured they are getting the most out of every acre with Monsanto seed brands. And getting the most out of every acre means farmers are feeding more of our growing population.

Product stewardship is something as a company, Monsanto takes very seriously. Whether it’s ensuring environmental standards are not only met, but exceeded or protecting the safety of our people and communities, Monsanto’s stewardship commitments are a top priority.