Produce More, Conserve More, Improving Farmers' Lives

Monsanto is one of the world’s leading companies focused on sustainable agriculture. We discover and deliver innovative products that support farmers who feed, fuel and clothe our world.

Producing More

By getting more from every seed

Only a fraction of the earth's land area is suitable for growing crops and the number of people on the planet is rapidly increasing. In fact, to keep up with demand, we'll have to produce more food in the next few decades than we have in all of recorded history. That kind of growth isn't sustainable without improvements in farm productivity.

Monsanto works with farmers around the world to make agriculture more productive and more sustainable. Our technologies enable farmers to get more from every acre of farmland.

Specifically, globally, we are working to double yields in our three core crops of cotton, maize and soybeans by 2030. These yield gains will come from a combination of advanced plant breeding, biotechnology and improved farm-management practices.

In the hands of farmers, these innovations can help meet the increasing demands for food, clothing and energy posed by the world's growing population. That's helping produce more security. That's helping produce a more stable, healthy and prosperous future for everyone.

Conserving More

By growing more with less

In an intricate network like the earth's ecosystem, a force applied in one area directly and indirectly affects many others. When rivers and aquifers are depleted, it can lead to crop failure and the desertification of formerly rabble land. When burning fossil fuels generates greenhouse gasses, it can lead to acid rain and contribute to climate change.

That's why we've strengthened our goal of doubling crop yields by committing to doing it with one-third fewer resources such as land, water and energy per unit produced.

We're continuing to develop better seeds and improved on-farm practices that enable farmers to better manage weeds, pests and environmental stresses. We're working with our partners to develop conservation systems that are better for the planet. And we're working to make these tools of innovation available to the people who have the most direct relationship with the land the millions of farmers around the world.

Improving Farmers’ Lives

By using best for more

The technology we use to develop better seeds and the partnerships we nurture to develop new agronomic practice can drive big increases in yield productivity.

And for all of the world's farmers who raise themselves from poverty to prosperity, many more people will also prosper, through healthier diets, greater educational opportunities and brighter futures fuelled by more robust local economies.