India is blessed with the world’s second largest cultivable area in acres, balanced out with the globe’s second largest population.

To sustainably feed such a large number of citizens is a challenge that has faced generations of policy makers. In the 1960s and 70s, numerous steps were taken to introduce state-of-the-art technologies in agriculture. The result was the “Green Revolution” that set India on the path of self-sufficiency in food grains. The enabler for the Green Revolution was “seed”.

India is core to our vision of “Improving Agriculture Improves Lives” and our strategy to “Produce More, Conserve More, Improve Lives”, given our nation’s 150 million farmers and India’s opportunity to be a self-sufficient global contributor in agriculture.

Our Talent Pool i.e. the first biotech R&D facility outside US was set up in Bangalore; we have a shared services site in Bangalore; and several Indians enjoy international exposure and careers at Monsanto. The diversity of farming challenges and improves the scope for R&D in India.