Corn Seeds

Corn can be found in thousands of everyday items, from the corn starch that holds your pizza crust together to corn syrup in beverages to plastics. Humans have been resourceful in finding the uses for corn.

And humans are responsible for how corn came to be. Corn’s ancient relative is teosinte, which was a grass found in Mexico. Thousands of years ago, teosinte produced a very small ear—about the size of a pinky finger—with very small kernels. Through human intervention, teosinte was bred to produce larger ears and larger kernels. Today, we have a corn plant that produces an ear about the length of a forearm with more than 700 kernels.

Corn Uses

Farmers around the world now grow corn to: feed themselves and communities; feed livestock to produce meat; and use for industrial applications, such as medicine, plastics and biofuels. Corn’s versatile nature has propelled it to be grown on the second-most acreage in the world, behind wheat.

Maize Seeds

 Dekalb® - India’s largest selling hybrid maize seed brand Renowned for its rich and diverse maize germplasm pool, breeding excellence and high productivity, MIL’s Dekalb® is the most trusted brand of high-yielding hybrid maize seeds for the Indian farmer. A market leader in India, Dekalb® is offered in 14 high-yielding maize hybrids, best suited to India’s diverse agronomic and environmental conditions. Each hybrid is developed in India and tested extensively through our partnerships with several State Governments, State Agriculture Universities and other leading Agricultural Institutions. Our focus is to make a sustainable difference to the lives of Indian maize farmers by enabling a change for the better. Our contribution will be driven by India-focused innovation and partnerships.