Bollgard & Bollgard II

Bollgard is our technology that provides in-seed protection for cotton seeds. Bollgard II is about protecting the boll from the inside against threats that exist externally; the bollworm. What it's helped do; the cotton revolution, increased farmer income and sustainable growth in the entire industry. Innovation and partnerships create India’s cotton revolution.

As per internal company estimates, Indian farmers are the fastest adopters of Bt-cotton in the world – a third faster than Chinese farmers and twice as fast as US farmers.

India becomes world no. 2 cotton producer and exporter in 2011-12: BKS – CSD Socio Economic Development Report 2012 and “Adoption & Impact of Bt Cotton in India – ISAAA”, 2012.

According to the BKS – CSD Socio Economic Development Report 2012, cotton production rose by 154% and productivity by 59% over the past decade.

The report also states that farmers earned additional income of $9.4Bn (Rs 42,300 crore) between 2002 and 2011.

This technology reduced pesticide usage and provided health benefits for farmers and their families, the BKS – CSD Socio Economic Development Report 2012 states.