Improving education level of students and rehabilitating child labor


Project Snapshot

We partnered with CARE to reduce the incidence of child labour across 62 villages, in the cotton and vegetable seed production locations, in and around Mehboobnagar, AP and Raichur, Karnataka.

The team has worked together with the local schools, teachers and the farming communities in building awareness about the importance of education for children, sensitizing the parents to the child’s needs and getting the children working in the fields back to schools.


Centre for Applied Research & Extension (CARE) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to support communities in the areas of providing quality education, elimination of child labor, access to health, drinking water, and agriculture technologies and manage natural resources thorough participatory approaches benefiting poorer sections apart from developing unity and create equality among the people in society.


Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh                               


June 2012- May 2014

Project Interventions

The project focused on sensitizing the communities against child labour through intensive campaigns & mobilization activities. The importance of attending schools & getting proper education for the future of the children were inculcated across communities through village level meetings & trainings.  Children rescued from the fields have been put in a bridge school to prepare them for attending mainstream schools. In addition, to getting basic amenities like proper meals & home, these children are tended with care & concern to compete with the mainstream children.


  • Around 200 children have been rescued from fields & mainstreamed into schools through Door to Door Campaigns, Community & Women group Meetings
  • Children in the bridge schools lead a content & happy life, despite living away from their families & harbor great ambitions & aspirations for a good future for which they are being prepared by the CARE team with basic learning, good food & shelter.
  • Care’s Child Labor Rehabilitation Centre at Koppal, Karnataka has been widely appreciated by Govt. of Karnataka, & Development agencies working in this space like UNICEF etc.