Improve learning levels of primary Government schools students in Karnataka


Sikshana Foundation is a not for profit organization with a goal to evolve a sustainable and replicable model for an effective and decentralized public education system at the primary level based on good management practices.


Chikaballapura, Davanagere, Karnataka   


Aug 2010- Mar 2014

Project Snapshot

Monsanto Fund partnered with Sikhsana Foundation to improve quality of education for Primary school children across the state of Karnataka.

Working with the government across 60 schools, the team worked with the teachers to create and adopt new learning techniques to improve learning levels in schools. Interactive teacher training sessions, parent-teacher meetings, sports & extra curricular activities coupled with extensive reading, comprehension and writing tests benefited over 7500 primary school students across the state.

Project Interventions

 The Project focused on innovative learning tool of providing unlimited reading/ writing sheets to children to improve their reading/ writing skills thereby improving their learning levels. The children are provided an inclusive classroom environment & their progress is tracked & monitored regularly.


  • As per the ASER, a National Standard Assessment tool, out of 1070 students, 944 students (88%) are able to perform a 2 digit division and 1027 students (96%) can read fluently. 60% of the children are able to solve fractions and decimal system based problems. The schools are well ahead of the state average ( 41% for Maths & 71% for Kannada)
  • 250 students were identified to be lacking basic reading skills & were tagged with peers doing well, resulting in 139 of them (more than 55%) improving their reading skills in just a month