The sustainable use of glyphosate based herbicides is critical for Australian farming systems. Furthermore, longevity of Roundup Ready® technology can only be ensured by minimising the development of resistance to glyphosate based herbicides.

The use of an Integrated Weed Management (IWM) system - the use of a variety of techniques to keep weeds under control - is crucial for both farmers and the agricultural industry. PRAMOG (Paddock Risk Assessment Management Option Guide) is a practical tool for farmers that identifies existing risk potential for developing glyphosate resistance and suggests additional management options to minimise this risk in the years after growing Roundup Ready canola.   

While the use of PRAMOG is no longer a compulsory component of the Roundup Ready canola Resistance Management Plan (RMP), this highly recommended approach recognises that each paddock has a unique Glyphosate Resistance Risk Profile, and allows growers to choose management options that are complementary to their individual farm planning requirements.

For further information about glyphosate resistance and integrated weed management please visit the Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group website The website includes a guide for sustainable glyphosate use in winter grain cropping, which describes practices that affect the development of resistance.