Supplier Relationships


It’s All About Strategic Collaboration

At Monsanto, we recognize the importance of forging strong relationships with our suppliers.  We believe that building outstanding supplier relationships is more than just a simple purchasing transaction; it is a commitment between two companies.  Companies that forge long-term, high-value supplier relationships think of each other as partners. 

The Monsanto Supplier Relationship Management team works closely with our category management teams to develop a set of core processes and tools to build these relationships.  We invite you to explore and learn the many ways we collaborate in our partnership with suppliers.

The Supplier Code of Conduct

At Monsanto trust and integrity are at the core of doing the right things right every time.  All of our suppliers are asked to become familiar with and agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct as a condition of doing business with Monsanto Company. Here’s a fast link to the Supplier Code of Conduct, available in 30 languages:

Ariba Supplier Registration

In order to facilitate the gathering of standard information needed to better understand our suppliers and to streamline our shared experience, Monsanto procurement recently launched a new, automated system to streamline the Supplier Registration Process.  Using the Ariba Supplier Network portal provides accurate, real time profile update and data retrieval.  Once a user ID and password have been established, a tutorial walks you through the registration process.  

Supplier Assessments

Existing and new suppliers may be selected to participate in supplier assessments. Successful relationships begin with a foundation that we can build on together.  Supplier assessments help develop an understanding of your business and provide a holistic view of how your Monsanto partners can work with you more effectively and efficiently.

Supplier Performance Scorecards

We develop performance based scorecards, capturing feedback from our internal users (your customers). We use the scorecard to provide feedback to you on your baseline and ongoing performance with Monsanto. 

Our scorecard process encompasses the following eight (8) performance domains and dimensions: quality, value, delivery, service & support, capability, sustainability, risk and engagement.

Supplier Summit Days

The Monsanto Global Procurement Organization periodically hosts Supplier Summit Days to further collaboration and partnership with a select group of suppliers. This helps provide a way to get a closer view of Monsanto’s business of sustainable agriculture and to help define our mutual path forward for the future.  The Supplier Summit offers a dynamic opportunity to share understanding and develop mutual goals – and supporting activities – that drive mutual future success.