Information for Teachers

The following activities and tools are here for teachers to utilize in their classroom and laboratories. Instructors can find lesson plans and designed experiments for students below.

The idea is to help students have a better undstanding of science in a unique, fun way.

Classroom Activities

Curriculum/Lesson Plans

  • Biology Lessons for Prospective and Practicing Teachers 
    This site provides lessons in the areas of molecules and cells, population biology. It provides student instructions, teachers guides, downloads, mapping exercises, summaries for key ideas presented in the lessons and alternative ideas for future discussions.
  • Northern Arizona University—Center for Science Teaching and Learning
    This site contains curricular resources for teachers in the area of biotechnology. The lessons have been divided into twelve complete downloadable units. The units were developed to be implemented in a variety of classrooms - biology, chemistry, biotechnology, and applied science.
  • Online Biology Book
    The Online Biology Book is hosted by
    Estrella Mountain Community College, in sunny Avondale, Arizona. This is an excellent resource for teachers and students on subjects ranging from general biology and chemistry to bacteria and fungi to plants and animals. Term definitions, good graphics and links to other resources are also included.