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Technology Focus Areas

We are seeking innovations in the following "Technology Focus Areas":


Traits to improve plant performance and tools to enable research

  • Genes and methods for improved plant disease resistance, insect control, nematode control, herbicide tolerance, yield, and stress resistance
  • Genetic transformation, novel nucleic acid delivery methods, gene expression elements
  • Genome editing tools
  • Metabolomics, proteomics, genomics
  • Protein design and evolution
  • High throughput DNA synthesis


Advanced breeding technologies to deliver elite plant varieties

  • Di-haploid seed production
  • Marker/sequence assisted breeding tools
  • Breeding traits or quantitative trait loci for row crops and vegetables
  • Novel vegetable varieties with improved nutrition or taste
  • Big data solutions for effective information visualization


Naturally derived microbes or preparations to support plant health

  • Microbes applied as seed or foliar treatments for disease control, plant health and plant growth
  • RNAi, proteins, and peptides for control of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases, insects, herbicide resistance management and to support bee health
  • Formulation technologies for delivery of microbes and biologicals


Precision agriculture and field technologies for optimized farm management

  • Field or aerial robotics, sensors, imaging with wireless connectivity to monitor plant health, soil nutrients, water status, and detect pathogens and insects
  • Hardware and software related to planting, fertilizing, and crop management
  • Field-deployable nucleic acid and protein detection
  • Decision tools for environmental, disease, and crop modeling
  • Automation in field, greenhouse, and laboratory to improve efficiency and accuracy


Selective chemistries for crop protection and health

  • Active ingredients for seed treatment or foliar applications for disease control, plant growth, and crop health
  • New herbicides with novel modes of action
  • Formulation technologies for chemistry delivery contributing to stability, improved performance, controlled release, and safety