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Monsanto's Board of Directors welcomes shareowner communications. Shareowners may e-mail the Board of Directors by completing the information on this page and submitting an e-mail message, or by writing to:

Board of Directors
Monsanto Company
800 North Lindbergh Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63167
c/o David F. Snively, Secretary

Shareowner communications will be reviewed by Monsanto to determine whether a response by the Board is appropriate. Shareowner e-mails to the Board cannot contain attachments and any attachments will be automatically removed. If you wish to provide additional materials with your communications, please use regular mail, sent to the address shown above.

While the Board oversees management, it does not participate in day-to-day management functions or business operations. If you wish to submit questions or comments relating to these matters, please use the Contact Us form on this Web site, which will help you to direct your message to the appropriate area of the company. If we receive certain other types of communications, such as mass mailings and spam, that are not appropriate, they will not be forwarded to or reviewed by the Board.

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