Our Company and Sustainable Agriculture

We place high ethical standards, effective corporate governance, responsible product stewardship and transparent reporting at the center of the way we operate our business.

Corporate Governance

Central to our commitment to sustainability is oversight from our board of directors, and particularly the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee (SCRC), which reviews and monitors our sustainability performance and risks. Operationally, the SCRC assesses challenges and opportunities, sets direction, reviews progress, and aligns the resources needed to achieve them. (Pages 86-87)

See the Corporate Governance section of our website for more details.

Driving Ethical Conduct

Through our board-chartered global Business Conduct Office (BCO), we implement ethics and compliance initiatives and directives. As allowed by local law, employees may submit questions or voice concerns to the BCO via an internal toll-free telephone number, an email address or through a third-party provider to ensure caller anonymity. (Page 89)

Political Contributions

Participating constructively and transparently in the political process is essential to our company’s long-term success. The Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee of our board of directors oversees political contributions. Our ranking in the first (best) of five tiers out of a universe of 500 companies included in the 2016 Center for Political Accountability CPA-Zicklin Index recognizes our efforts to increase and clarify the information we share on the political disclosures portion of our website. (Page 90)

Critical Issues

We are dedicated to facing the tough issues head-on. Through stakeholder engagements, including our sustainability materiality assessment (Pages 102-106),  and the monitoring of what’s being said about the company in the media, we are developing a better understanding of what society and key stakeholders want to know about Monsanto and its products and business practices. See our 2016 Sustainability Report for information on the following topics:

Working With Our Suppliers

Monsanto relies on a vast network of suppliers around the world, from which we purchase services, equipment, products and raw materials, as well as our network of seed production partners.

We expect to conduct business with suppliers who comply with our global Supplier Code of Conduct and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. (Pages 100-101)

We conduct an annual Select Supplier Sustainability Assessment to weigh the economic, environmental and social profiles and behaviors of strategic suppliers.