In Soda Springs, we do more than just mine. We produce elemental phosphorus, a key component to ensuring farmers are more productive--something that’s becoming increasingly important in our growing world.

At Monsanto, we’ve made a commitment to provide farmers with the tools they need to produce more crops while conserving more resources like land and fuel. A part of this is Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides. And currently, an ingredient of Roundup brand herbicides starts with phosphorous from Soda Springs.

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Blackfoot Bridge will be among the most environmentally advanced phosphate mines in North America. This mine will protect water quality, wildlife and vegetation in the area--while still delivering high-quality phosphorous, a key tool in global agriculture, and a necessity for feeding the world’s growing population.

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Many people think mining and environmental responsibility cannot go hand-in-hand, but Monsanto’s wholly owned subsidiary, P4 Production LLC, has proved they can. It’s possible to return a mining site to a functioning ecosystem where vegetation and wildlife thrive. We know this because we’ve done it. It’s our belief responsible mining starts years before turning the first shovel of dirt—and that includes thorough planning to restore the land once mining is complete.

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The Reading Room consists of documents including Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Safety Studies, fact sheets and other useful resources.

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