Agricultural Biologicals

Monsanto is committed to bringing a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. We work to find sustainable ways to enhance soil health, help farmers use data to improve farming practices and conserve natural resources, and provide crop protection products to minimize damage from pests and disease.

Through work with academics, partners and others to develop innovative solutions, Monsanto has expanded its research and development (R&D) efforts to include an Agricultural Biologicals platform. Agricultural biologicals are usually topical or seed treatment products made from or containing natural materials, which can complement or replace agricultural chemical products. They protect crops from pests, weeds and diseases and keep crops healthy. Farmers can rely on agricultural biologicals in addition to breeding, biotechnology and agronomic practices to grow healthy and nutritious food.

An increasing interest among consumers, farmers and companies, like Monsanto, to produce food in a sustainable way has spurred an interest in agricultural biologicals, a growing market segment of roughly $2.6 billion in annual sales.

Monsanto’s Agricultural Biologicals platform focuses on two core technologies: microbials and BioDirect™.



Microbial products are made from microbes that can work alone or complement traditional methods of plant production and protection. Microbial products offer real benefits to growers, like improving nutrient uptake, promoting growth and yield, and providing insect control and disease protection.

Monsanto is exploring microbials through The BioAg Alliance, a unique alliance that brings together Novozymes’ and Monsanto’s capabilities within microbial discovery, development and production. The BioAg Alliance is dedicated to fundamentally enhancing the R&D of microbial technology to significantly increase productivity of the world’s crops.

In addition to the discovery and development of new products, The BioAg Alliance is providing Novozymes’ current products to farmers worldwide through Monsanto’s global sales organization known as Monsanto BioAg.



BioDirect technology is the second agricultural biological technology in Monsanto’s discovery and development pipeline. This technology leverages naturally occurring processes to develop products for potential use in topically applied crop protection and other products.

We’re just beginning to explore this technology, but believe potential pest control products will expand farmers’ choices through a wide range of applications, including weed, insect, and virus control and other applications, such as improving honey bee health.



Commercialization is dependent on multiple factors, including successful conclusion of the regulatory process. The information presented herein is provided for educational purposes only, and is not and shall not be construed as an offer to sell, or a recommendation to use, any unregistered pesticide for any purpose whatsoever. It is a violation of federal law to promote or offer to sell an unregistered pesticide.