Roundup PROMAX

Get more powerful weed control with Roundup PROMAX.

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Quick Roundup PROMAX® Facts
  • More concentrated.
  • 30 minute rainfast warranty.
  • Consistent performance.

For more than 30 years, the Roundup® family of herbicides has built a reputation for consistent quality and professional performance in the GREEN industry. Roundup PROMAX® is the next generation in the evolution of this high performing family. 

More concentrated
Roundup PROMAX is a new potassium salt formulation. This smaller molecule allows concentration of more active ingredients in every gallon.

With its more concentrated formula, one gallon of Roundup PROMAX contains the glyphosate acid equivalent of 6 quarts of Roundup PRO®.

Consistent, professional performance
Like the Roundup PRO you’ve come to know and trust, Roundup PROMAX controls a broad spectrum of weeds with virtually no re-growth. Roundup PROMAX has a unique surfactant system that’s more concentrated and gets to the root faster, so you don’t have to worry so much about the weather or costly callbacks.

30 minute rainfast warranty
The unique surfactant system of Roundup PROMAX allows the solution to penetrate weed leaf surfaces faster, which means Roundup PROMAX is rainfast in half the time of Roundup PRO.