Traits, Technologies & Partnering

Providing farmers the latest traits and technologies to help them be more profitable on every acre is something, as a company, Monsanto prides itself on. It’s more than just helping farmers find the latest advancements in seed – it’s helping farmers find the latest seeds and technologies, while using fewer inputs.

Whether it's purchasing seed with the latest Genuity® traits that help protect that crop's yield, or purchasing seed with a seed treatment to help the seed come out of the ground faster and healthier, Monsanto offers a variety of traits and technologies.

These traits and technologies are central to Monsanto Company. Although Monsanto is represented in the field by various brands, by purchasing seed that includes the following traits and technologies, farmers can be assured they are purchasing high-performing seed that has the potential to help them be more successful on every acre of land. And

There are four main areas Monsanto Company invests in to help farmers find the best fit for their farm.