Hubner Seed

Your Most Profitable Relationship

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Hubner Seed Fast Facts
  • Serves growers in 10 Eastern states.
  • Offers corn, silage, soybean and alfalfa products.
  • Committed to the East since 1972.

Farming in the East represents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The Hubner team has dedicated years getting to know the land. After all, they live and farm there too.

Since 1972, Hubner has been committed to partnering with local growers to provide trusted, local knowledge and personalized seed solutions.

Today, Hubner is still focused on developing products that deliver strong, consistent yields in the East. Through its Field Fit agronomy research program, Hubner works side-by-side with growers to test new products for success in local, real-world conditions.

As part of Hubner’s commitment to being their customers’ most profitable relationship, Hubner offers Milk Max Silage Research to test products for their quality tonnage, energy content, and nutritional and forage value on real farms in the East.   

Make Hubner Seed your most profitable relationship.