The High-Powered Harness® Herbicide Brands: Harness, Harness XTRA and Harness XTRA 5.6L

Quick Harness Facts
  • Residual herbicide use can reduce early season weed competition.
  • Harness XTRA has atrazine added
  • Wider window of application for Roundup postemergence application.

The Harness® lineup of Monsanto herbicides is specifically designed for early-season weed control. Early-season weed competition inflicts the highest yield loss potential to corn, but Harness brand herbicides help prevent this from happening. Maximum corn yield potential is protected. Use of Harness brand herbicides also allows even greater flexibility for making over-the-top applications of Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides.

The Roundup Ready Rate™ of Harness (1.5 pints), Harness XTRA (1.2 quarts) and Harness XTRA 5.6L (1.5 quarts) can be applied in the Roundup Ready® Corn 2 System.

Features & Benefits

  • Harness brand herbicides offer consistent, season-long performance against 30 grass and small-seeded broadleaf weeds in a variety of weather situations.
  • A Roundup Ready Rate of Harness brands provides you with early-season weed control and increased flexibility for over-the-top treatments with Roundup brand agricultural herbicides in the Roundup Ready Corn 2 System.
  • Use of a residual herbicide in the Roundup Ready Corn 2 System is recommended by Monsanto and university weed specialists to minimize the potential development of weed resistance.
  • Harness XTRA and Harness XTRA 5.6L are premixes with atrazine for an expanded spectrum of control – over 40 grass and broadleaf weed species.
  • Harness brand herbicides will control foxtail in wet and dry years better than competing preemergence herbicides such as Dual II Magnum®.
  • Harness requires less moisture to activate than Dual II Magnum.