Fontanelle Hybrids

Serving Great Plains growers for over 75 years.


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Fontanelle Hybrids Fast Facts
  • Offers corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa products.
  • Committed to Great Plains growers for more than 75 years.

The foundation of Fontanelle HybridsTM has remained solid for more than 75 years in the seed business. With local expertise, product recommendations and personalized support from Fontanelle Hybrids, growers in the Great Plains get more from their seed investment.

The Fontanelle HybridsTM Step Ahead Agronomy Program offers:

  • Reliable Local Expertise: Fontanelle HybridsTM provides a high level of service that builds trusted relationships necessary for success.
  • Personalized Product Placement: Fontanelle HybridsTM seed recommendations are based on each grower’s needs, concerns and future goals.
  • Season-Long Agronomic Support: Local experts provide season-long support through a variety of informative and timely agronomic resources.  

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