Degree Brands

Temperature-Released Technology

Quick Degree Facts
  • Applied preemergence or postemergence to corn.
  • Degree XTRA has atrazine added for a higher level of weed control
  • Residual herbicide use can reduce early season weed competition
  • Wider window of application for Roundup herbicide.

Degree XTRA® herbicide works like no other corn herbicide thanks to an exclusive and patented temperature-release technology. You can count on season-long residual grass and small seeded broadleaf control that outlasts other herbicides by 15 days or more.

Degree Xtra is an endorsed product within Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • As soil temperature rises, the Degree Xtra® patented temperature release technology delivers just the right amount of weed control.
  • Early-season weed control to maximize corn yield potential.
  • Weed control outlasts Bicep II Magnum® by up to 15 days.
  • Low viscosity for easy handling.
  • Application and tank-mixing flexibility from preplant to postemergent applications.
  • Controls more than 40 grasses and broadleaf weeds.