Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions

Performance Advantage Right From the Start

Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions help farmers maximize the performance potential of the seed and traits they plant right from the start. The seed treatment is an option for grower that is applied to the seed to complement Monsanto’s latest seed and trait products.

  • Emerge Strong. Yield Strong.
  • Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions can help improve plant health through disease-fighting protection, insect protection, and improved early season vigor.
  • Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions are designed to maximize the performance potential of Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans, but can be used with other soybean products as part of an optimal system.

Some benefits of using Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions with an enhanced disease package are:

  • Unprecedented defense against Rhizoctonia
  • More complete and consistent disease protection
  • Broad-spectrum insect protection

Watch this seed treatment in action and what difference it makes.