Myth: Monsanto Only Serves Non-GMO and Organic Foods in Its Cafeterias

Myth: Monsanto Only Serves Non-GMO and Organic Foods in Its Cafeteria.

Fact: The food in our cafeterias is no different than what you’d find in most cafeterias, restaurants or supermarkets – some of it is from GM crops and some of it isn’t. We don’t go out of our way to have either GM or non-GM food in our cafeteria, with the exception of occasional specialty meals that showcase food grown with our seeds.

There is a belief that Monsanto won’t serve GM foods – or that we only serve organic food – in our cafeterias. It’s entirely untrue. Our cafeterias serve all types of foods – including foods with ingredients from GM crops – every day. None of it is singled out as conventional or organic.

Occasionally, though, we will have special menu items that feature our products. For example, over the summer, our cafeteria specifically featured menu items that include GM sweet corn, and we held a farmer’s market to directly offer employees an opportunity to purchase GM sweet corn. (See photos and a video on our blog.)

And to address a related myth – each of us purchases food for our families at grocery stores in the communities where we live and work. We do not have a private organic farm at our headquarters for our executives or employees.