Safety of Crop Protection Products

It is important that farmers have tools to protect their crops from weeds, insects and diseases. Monsanto makes a range of herbicide products that help farmers manage weeds so that their crops stay healthy and strong. We place the highest priority on the safety of our products and conduct rigorous and comprehensive testing on each. Roundup-branded herbicides are our most popular crop protection product, and we are proud of their excellent track record of safe use.

All crop protection products are rigorously tested and then reviewed by third-party scientists at governmental regulatory agencies.

Regulatory agencies – such as the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States – require an extensive and very specific series of tests to assess the safety of each potential new crop protection product before it can be sold. Following a thorough review of all the data, the regulatory agency will grant a registration, approve a label that specifies how the product can be used safely, and allow the product to be sold.

If a crop protection product could provide benefits to farmers in other countries around the world, we must follow a similar process with additional regulatory agencies to ensure the product meets their specific requirements for approval and commercialization as well.

Our focus on product stewardship continues throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Monsanto’s commitment to the safety of our products is ongoing throughout each product’s lifecycle – during research, manufacturing, transportation, its responsible use, and disposal. At each stage, we are committed to ensuring that our products, when used according to label directions, do not pose an unreasonable risk to people, wildlife, and the environment.

Roundup-branded herbicides are our most popular crop protection product and have an excellent track record of safety.

The active ingredient in Roundup herbicides is called glyphosate, which is one of the most thoroughly evaluated herbicides in the world. Many scientists – from industry, universities and independent institutions – have conducted studies and field research with glyphosate herbicides and published their results in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

More than 166 countries throughout the world have reviewed the data from the required studies, as well as additional studies published in literature, and ultimately granted a registration for glyphosate-based herbicides. Their overwhelming consensus is that glyphosate, when used according to label directions, poses no unreasonable risk to people, wildlife or the environment.

We have an extensive collection of background materials on glyphosate-based herbicides in the Product Safety section of our web site.

In addition to general information, the Roundup/Glyphosate section provides data and studies that answer the most common questions about Roundup herbicides and human health, the environment, and wildlife.

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