Moe Parr

Maurice Parr operates a seed cleaning business in Indiana. Monsanto took legal action against Parr when we became aware that he was involved in the cleaning of patented seed.

Mr. Parr has been very active in speaking out on his experiences with Monsanto including film appearances, numerous quotes in articles and blogs, and recently a speaking tour in Australia. Unfortunately, Mr. Parr has been less than transparent in describing his experience. He is often quoted as saying he only agreed to settle with Monsanto because he could not afford the legal battle. He neglects to mention that:

  • Rather than having simply “settled with Monsanto” Mr. Parr was issued a permanent injunction by the U.S. District Court in Lafayette, Indiana, prohibiting him from cleaning Roundup Ready® soybeans.
  • Moe Parr had historically received clear communication about the patent law around Roundup Ready soybeans and knowingly disregarded this information by confusing farmers about the law regarding patents.
  • Affidavits from local farmers allege that Mr. Parr misled some of his customers into breaking patent law by convincing them to save patented seed.
  • The injunction also makes clear that Mr. Parr will honor the patent by informing customers it is illegal to save Roundup Ready seed--requiring customers to certify their seed is not a patented product and providing samples to Monsanto for testing.

Mr. Parr is able to continue to clean conventional soybeans, wheat and other non-patented seed crops. Monsanto has agreed to forego the financial judgment as long as Mr. Parr honors the terms of the court order.

You can view the injunction against Mr. Parr at: