Genuity North Strong and Free

By S. Bech-Hansen 9/24/2010


The Genuity® brand is alive and well north of the border. Its epicenter is the Genuity® Technology Expo which returned to Canada for the third straight year. 

The Genuity® Technology Expo offers Canadian corn and soybean farmers the unique opportunity to see the types of research Monsanto is undertaking to allow Canadian farmers to improve productivity on their farms.

The Expo, which was held Sept. 14-16 as a part of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario, is one of two technology expos our Canadian business puts on. The other show, which ran the first week of September, is in St. Liboire, Quebec. This showcase is unique in that all tours are conducted in French, Canada’s second official language and the primary language spoken in the province of Quebec.

In previous years, Monsanto’s Canadian business would bring customers to the U.S. Farm Progress Show.  Doing so was costly and a significant time commitment for the farmers, so Monsanto employees were determined to find a more efficient way to educate customers about the research pipeline – and how it would perform in their own soils. So, we made the decision to bring the show to Canada — in a big way.

“The best thing about bringing a show like this to Canada is the collective team building exercise it was,” Mike Nailor, Monsanto Canada trait marketing lead, said. “Certainly, the ability to showcase our technology to our customers and position Monsanto as the technology leader was the primary goal, and I think we have succeeded with that. But to host an event where every single commercial employee is on-site working some aspect of the show, that is special.”

Over the three years of the Canadian Genuity® Technology Expo, more than 8,000 Canadian corn and soybean farmers participated.

“A show of this size can be difficult to get off the ground, but thankfully we get great support from our U.S. colleagues -- whether it is from the agronomy or technology reps, the marketing team or the communications group. They really go out of their way to help contribute to the success of our show, and we do genuinely appreciate the support.”

This year’s show took on the theme of sustainable agriculture and showcased some of the technologies and farm management practices that will help famers double yields and reduce inputs in corn, soybeans and other crops by 2030.

You can view photos from the Expo on Monsanto's Flickr account.