Just like people, plants get sick. It may be a fungus, bacteria, or a virus spreading from one crop to another. Sometimes this leads to diseases that can infect entire fields of crops. This can contribute to rising food costs, more crops wasted in the field, and other consequences.

In response to this challenge, we’re helping plants become better at fighting disease, absorbing soil nutrients, and reaching their potential. This may involve applying a special seed coating, using microbes to stimulate plant growth, or breeding plants with natural tolerance to a common virus.

Our projects

BiodirectTMTechnology Tospovirus Control* Tospoviruses can impact the plant health of important vegetable crops like tomatoes and peppers. Studies have shown this BioDirectTM Technology product has the potential to deliver targeted virus control to protect tomatoes against tomato spotted wilt virus.

Applicable Crops: Tomato

Technology: Ag Biologicals

Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions – Enhanced Disease Control Offering Crop disease and fungus can decrease harvest potential. These seed treatment solutions have been developed to provide enhanced early and mid-season protection from fungal pests, offering farmers a convenient solution to increase yields through broad-spectrum disease management. 

Applicable Crops: Corn

Technology: Ag Productivity Innovations

NemaStrikeTM Technology Nematodes cause damage to the roots of important row crops such as corn, soy and cotton, presenting one of the largest pest challenges for farmers. NemaStrikeTM Technology is being developed to provide farmers with an additional tool to control multiple nematode species, including lesion, soybean cyst, root knot and reniform.

Applicable Crops: Corn, Cotton and Soy

Technology: Ag Productivity Innovations

Nimbus Novel Fungicide Fungal diseases can damage crops, causing reduced yields. This novel fungicide is being developed to utilize breakthrough science with the potential to deliver broad-spectrum control of fungal diseases. 

Applicable Crops: Corn and Soy

Technology: Ag Productivity Innovations

Corn Disease Control Platform This research, being pursued through both plant breeding and plant biotechnology, aims to develop solutions to combat some of the most devastating diseases that impact the success of corn harvests. It has the potential to enhance plant health and improve yield potential with comprehensive resistance to the most common corn diseases, such as anthracnose stalk rot, Goss’ wilt, gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight and fusarium stalk rot. 

Applicable Crops: Corn

Technology: Plant Biotechnology & Plant Breeding (two projects/combining for this channel

Downy Mildew-Resistant Lettuce Downy mildew is the most devastating disease in lettuce. This project has the potential to provide full resistance to downy mildew in new lettuce commercial products, which could increase yields, reduce waste and limit the number of fungicidal treatments.

Applicable Crops: Lettuce

Technology: Plant Breeding

Geminivirus-Resistant Tomato This project has the potential to reduce food loss in the field due to disease. It aims to use unique genes developed through advanced plant breeding to deliver industry-leading protection from geminivirus in tomatoes to increase yields.

Applicable Crops: Tomato

Technology: Plant Breeding

Field Insights Our R&D efforts are focused on providing data that helps farmers see what’s happening in every field. We are expanding our field health research efforts to include insights to help identify and predict disease vulnerability and diagnose disease in the field.

Applicable Projects:

  • Field Health Monitoring Yield Analysis
  • Corn Disease Vulnerability (GLS, NLB)
  • Field Health Monitoring Expansion
  • Stress Identification
  • Enhanced Directed Scouting
  • Yield Productivity Enhancement through Benchmarking Analytics
  • Disease Diagnosis & Prediction 

Technology: Data Science