What is Crop Protection?

Crop protection is the collection of tools, products and practices farmers use to protect their crops from weeds, pests and disease.

Farmers across the world are concerned with crop protection. In response, modern agriculture has provided them with a variety of solutions.

Weeds steal water, sunlight and nutrients from crops. Pests and disease can also have a devastating impact on food production. Pesticides are products that protect plants from these dangers. When it comes to helping farmers, we aim to provide products that protect plant health while minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture.

There is no silver bullet in the crop protection fight. Farmers today have a variety of tools, including state-of-the-art pesticides, advanced data analytics and precision technologies. While these tools are individually powerful, when farmers use them together, it enhances their effectiveness.

This means that crop protection today is more sustainable than at any point in history. Our approach is to keep innovating, always with the goal of making agriculture more and more sustainable.

What Crop Protection Solutions Does Monsanto Offer Farmers?

One of the most powerful crop protection tools is glyphosate, the active ingredient in the Roundup® brand of herbicides. With a 40-year history of safe use, it also enables farm practices that reduce erosion and carbon emissions.

For example, glyphosate-based herbicides can help reduce the need for tillage—plowing the soil—which releases carbon into the atmosphere, while also contributing to erosion. Tillage has always been a powerful weed-control tool, but it can encourage erosion of valuable topsoil. By using glyphosate-based herbicides, farmers can leave their soil intact and leave the previous year’s crop residue on top of the soil. This supports soil health and provides a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with tillage.

Even so, it’s important to realize no single product can bear the crop protection burden alone. Using one single tool, like glyphosate-based herbicides, can encourage species of weeds to develop resistance to that tool.

To prevent this resistance from developing while still fighting invasive weeds, farmers use a combination of approaches. Monsanto supports this by working closely with university researchers, industry partners and individual farmers to provide the best advice about how to combine crop protection methods.

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