World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Robert Fraley

On June 19, the World Food Prize named three people, including Monsanto Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robert Fraley, as its 2013 Laureates. Dr. Marc Van Montagu and Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton are the other recipients of the prestigious award. All three are being recognized for their individual breakthrough achievements in founding, developing and applying modern agricultural biotechnology to help farmers around the world feed the world.

The Laureates’ work has led to the development of several genetically modified crops, which, by 2012, were grown on more than 170 million hectares around the globe by 17.3 million farmers. More than 90 percent of these farmers are small, resource-poor farmers in developing countries.

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Fraley’s Contributions

Fraley is being recognized for the research he and his teams at Monsanto pioneered in plant biotechnology and its application to advanced breeding and crop improvement techniques in agriculture. In 1983, Fraley and three other Monsanto scientists were the first to genetically modify plants. Thirteen years later, Fraley helped to lead the successful commercial launches of the first genetically modified crops, Roundup Ready soybeans and Bollgard insect-protected cotton, in the United States.

Fraley will be awarded the World Food Prize at a ceremony on October 17. The ceremony will be in conjunction with the Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium being held in Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 16-18.