Monsanto SA announced a R250 000 commitment to partner with and support the Agri Securitas Trust Fund.

Monsanto’s funding is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to the local farming community in South Africa.

“Monsanto is committed to supporting the rural and agricultural communities in SA,” said Kobus Steenekamp, Managing Director Monsanto SA. “We are proud to collaborate with an institution such as Agri Securitas in the protection of our farming community which includes farmers, farm managers and workers as well as their families.  We hope that our conttibution will aid in the  improvement of farmer security as well as that of rural communities in our farming areas.”

Beyond the funding commitment, Monsanto also encourages other stakeholders to fully participate in the endeavours of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund

More about Agri Securitas Trust Fund

The Agri Securitas Trust Fund Board is chaired by Japie Grobler, with Kobus Visser from Agri SA as functionary


There are various factors and circumstances that give rise to farm crime and attacks. It poses a multi-level challenge to address this problem and so-doing enable rural South Africa to perform to its full potential.

The Agri Securitas Trust Fund aims to make additional financial resources available to farming communities so that they can improve their own security as well as that of other communities living in the area.

An important aspect in considering funding for projects is the cooperation that exists between local communities and the South African Police Service (SAPS). All projects that are supported must also be implemented within the statutory and institutional framework. Since the Trust Fund has no executive capacity, it executes its mandate via other organisations such as farmer associations.

Inception of the Trust Fund

The Trust Fund was established by Agri SA after the Summit on Rural Safety on 10 October 1998 to make a contribution towards promoting rural safety. The Trust Fund remains committed to promoting a safe and prosperous agricultural sector in South Africa by maintaining a positive attitude and through construction action.

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