As we look to the future, we see a world in which each acre of farmland is able to produce more food than ever before, while using less water and fertilizer. We see fruits and vegetables that are hardier, taste better and are more nutritious.

We believe that by combining limitless human innovation with the limited resources nature provides, we can have healthier plates, healthier people and a healthier planet.

Recent Innovations: Breeding

Downy Mildew-Resistant Cucumbers
Downy mildew affects the yield and quality of many crops worldwide. These cucumbers have been bred to reduce the number of fungicidal sprays growers currently use to control downy mildew, while also increasing yield.

Frescada Lettuce
We combined the best attributes of iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce to develop a new type of lettuce called Frescada. This lettuce has the sweet taste and crispy texture of iceberg but has improved nutritional content and a deeper, richer color.

Beneforte Broccoli
Compared with other varieties, this broccoli contains two to three times the amount of glucoraphanin, a key nutrient that boosts the body’s antioxidant levels.

Recent Innovations: Biotechnology

SDA Omega-3 Soybeans
Special soybeans have been created that produce an oil containing omega-3 fatty acids, which have heart health benefits. Right now, most of us get our omega-3s from fish. SDA Omega-3 soybean oil is odorless and flavorless, making it ideal for adding to foods we already eat, such as beverages, baked goods, margarine and yogurt.