Improving Lives


Farmers are critical to the solution. They produce our food, and they are the ones who take risks year after year.

Our Commitment to Improving Lives 


Focus on the Farmer

As part of our commitment to sustainable agriculture, we set a goal in 2008 to help farmers improve their quality of life, including 5 million people in resource-poor farm families by 2020. 

Small Farmers, Big Concerns

Depending on the geographic area or crop, the challenges farmers face can be vastly different. Smallholder farmers produce most of the food in developing countries; however, they are generally poorer than the rest of their country’s population and tend to have less food security than the urban poor.

Big Farmers, Tailored Solutions

In developed countries, large-scale farms face their own set of challenges. A commercial farmer in the United States may need better weed management and pest protection to preserve the quality of his land and affordably support his family.

Benefits for All Farmers

Overall, agricultural biotechnology has had a significant beneficial effect on farmers’ incomes. In 2008 alone, biotechnology increased farmer income by $9 billion (£5.6 billion). Half of this income gain occurred in developing countries. When the quality of farmers’ lives improves, they are put in a better position to help feed the increased demands of a growing population.