Company Leadership


  • Hugh Grant

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Brett D. Begemann

    President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Pierre Courduroux

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Robert T. Fraley

    Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Michael J. Frank

    Vice President, Global Commercial
  • David Friedberg

    Vice President, and Chief Executive Officer, Climate
  • Tom D. Hartley

    Vice President and Treasurer
  • Janet M. Holloway

    Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff and Community Relations
  • Steven C. Mizell

    Executive Vice President, Human Resources
  • Kerry J. Preete

    Senior Vice President, Global Strategy
  • Nicole M. Ringenberg

    Vice President and Controller
  • David F. Snively

    Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel
  • Dr. Michael K. Stern

    Vice President, and President and Chief Operating Officer, Climate