Open-field and unheated greenhouse growers face unique challenges and have specific growing conditions within their production environment, which is why the Seminis vegetable brand is dedicated to delivering the crop-specific expertise you require.

Seminis is the largest developer, grower and marketer of vegetable seeds in the world. We develop hybrids that offer higher yield potential, improved quality, uniformity, flavour and nutrition, as well as better resistance to insect pests and adverse environmental conditions.



Glasshouse growers take pride in what they grow – always researching, constantly pursuing the competitive edge. Part artisan and part scientist, they demand the very best…for themselves, and for the people they feed. This is what it means to be a glasshouse grower.

At DeRuiter, we are dedicated to giving our heated, protected-culture vegetable and rootstock growers the satisfaction of delivering the best possible products to market with pride.