Farmers Continue To Take Proactive Approach for Controlling Tough Weeds With Roundup Ready Plus Weed Management Solutions


New Weed Manager PLUS Mobile App Now Available

A growing number of soybean, corn and cotton farmers throughout the U.S. are recognizing the importance of staying ahead of tough-to-manage weeds and reducing the risk of weed resistance by utilizing Monsanto's Roundup Ready PLUS™ Weed Management Solutions.     Participation this season is expected to increase from 2011, when more than 60,000 farmers followed the Roundup Ready PLUS platform and received incentives for using qualifying herbicides from Monsanto and its industry partners.  Those partners include Valent, Syngenta, FMC Agricultural Products, AMVAC Chemical Corporation and Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc.  Roundup Ready PLUS incentives for next season are now posted on

“We anticipate that the number of participants and incentives will be even higher in 2012, once the totals are compiled this fall,” said Chris Reat, Roundup Ready PLUS Marketing Manager. “Farmers understand the importance of taking a proactive approach to weed control to protect their yield.  That’s why we are continuing to see strong adoption of the Roundup Ready PLUS platform, and farmers who are following the recommendations are reporting improved weed control and yield on their operations.”

Since 2010, the percentage of soybean acres treated with residual herbicides grew from 33 percent to 55 percent in 2012, and for cotton, the growth nearly doubled – from 43 percent to 85 percent.

Reat announced that farmers can now download the new Roundup Ready PLUS mobile app, Weed Manager PLUS, at Google Play™ or the Apple App StoreSM to use in the field as they are making their weed management decisions.  Weed Manager PLUS provides weed management recommendations by region and crop, calculates potential incentives for farmers who use endorsed herbicide products and delivers a tank mixing tool and measurement conversion calculator. 

Also for 2013, the Roundup Ready PLUS platform includes a new pre-emerge tool for residual weed control. Warrant® Herbicide is now labeled for pre-emergence use in cotton and soybeans. This new, expanded label will help provide farmers the flexibility to manage grasses and small seeded broadleaf weeds, as well as tough-to-control weeds like Palmer amaranth and waterhemp in either a pre- or post-emergence application.

 New for 2013 in the Southern geography, Gramoxone® has been added to the list of herbicide products in soybeans that qualify for an incentive. Dr. Alan York, Professor Emeritus as North Carolina State University, said Gramoxone is a good option to help farmers start clean. “Gramoxone can be combined with a residual herbicide prior to planting and, if needed, used as a burndown herbicide to clean up any weeds at planting, especially glyphosate-resistant weeds such as Palmer pigweed.”

Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions was developed by Monsanto in conjunction with leading academics and industry partners to help farmers improve their weed control, especially   tough-to-manage and glyphosate-resistant weeds.  The Roundup Ready PLUS web site includes weed management recommendations by crop and by geography, including the use of residual herbicides that provide multiple modes of action for controlling tough weeds, as well as other weed control resources.