Channel® 2012 Product Lineup Features 17 New Genuity® VT Double PRO® RIB Complete™ Products


Further supporting its “Seedsmanship” approach of offering farmers leading technologies and agronomic services, the Channel® seed brand will introduce 17 new Genuity® VT Double PRO® RIB Complete™ blended seed corn products as part of its 2012 product lineup.

Now available is a broad selection of Channel Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete products  the 84- to 116-day maturity range in the Corn-Growing Area. This advanced technology offers a single-bag refuge management solution with dual modes of action for control of above ground pests, including corn earworm.

Farmers can plant Channel Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete across their field, without the need for a separate, structured refuge, resulting in simpler refuge management, time savings and convenience. In the Cotton-Growing Area where a 20 percent separate, structured refuge is required, Channel will offer traditional Genuity VT Double PRO products for proper insect resistance management.

The new technology blends 95 percent Genuity VT Double PRO Bt corn and 5 percent non-Bt refuge seed in each bag. The 5 percent refuge is the lowest available, enabling farmers to protect more of their acres with traited seed and maximize their whole farm yield opportunity. Commercialization is pending individual state authorizations and notifications, as required, following U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulatory approval on Nov. 17, 2011.

“Channel customers who planted Genuity VT Double PRO this season experienced very positive performance and look forward to converting to the refuge-in-the-bag technology for 2012,” said Chad Bilby, Channel Brand Marketing Lead. 

The Channel 2012 product lineup also features:

  • Eight Channel® Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete™ blended seed corn products, all locally tested to give farmers more options for greater yield opportunity. This technology offers a single-bag refuge management product which provides multiple modes of action for controlling both above and below ground insects. 
  • Twenty-six Channel® Genuity® VT Triple PRO® corn products, including 13 new releases,   all locally tested to give farmers more options for greater yield opportunity. Channel Genuity VT Triple PRO corn provides a broader spectrum of insect control for above and below ground insects, including corn earworm, resulting in higher yield potential and better grain quality potential.
  • Channel customers also will be able to choose from 48 Channel® Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean product options, 20 of which are new releases, enabling them to select the genetic package most suitable to their farm. Additionally, 10 of the most consistent top-performing Channel Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean products have the Channel Select designation.

Channel is the third largest corn seed brand and the fourth largest soybean seed brand in the United States, and a leading provider of corn and soybean products. Its mission is to serve as the American farmer’s most trusted source for seed.   

SmartStax® multi-event technology was developed by Monsanto Company and Dow AgroSciences. For additional information, farmers can contact their Channel representative or visit

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