Monsanto Works With Farmers to Provide Weed Management Best Practices



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Glyphosate-resistant weeds are a growing issue for farmers in the Mid-South and Southeastern portions of the U.S. Although herbicide resistance is not new to farming, one specific weed has recently raised the issue’s profile —palmer amaranth, which is commonly referred to in the South as “pigweed.”

In some states, farmers have seen an increase in the number of glyphosate-resistant pigweeds. In other places, the primary weed to manage is marestail (horseweed). But regardless of the weed, one thing is certain —farmers aren’t in this alone.

Monsanto recently launched the Roundup Ready PLUS™ brand, which was created to help farmers manage tough-to-control weeds. Highlights of Roundup Ready PLUS include:

* Taking the best-practice recommendations as developed by Monsanto, weed scientists, academics and the industry and communicating them to dealers and farmers;
* Enhancing the Cotton Performance Plus and Residual Rewards programs to provide incentives of up to $20/acre in cotton and $3/acre in soybeans when following the Roundup Ready PLUS plan;
* Encouraging the use of a multiple modes of action herbicide system in each crop because diversity is the key to successful weed management programs.

“Bottom line -- Monsanto is committed to weed management,” says Randy Barker, Monsanto weed management strategy lead. “We understand how important good weed management is to U.S. farmers. That’s why, with Roundup Ready PLUS, we’ve put together a set of recommendations, products and incentives that provide a total package to help bring weed management solutions to the farm. “

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