Monsanto to Break Ground on New Breeding Station in Mississippi


Corn Breeding Facility To Focus on New Beneficial Products For Southern Farmers

To better serve the needs of southern farmers, Monsanto plans to open a new corn breeding station in Flora, Mississippi and groundbreaking ceremonies for the new facility will be held today. The $2.4 million facility further boosts the company's investment in the South and is a reflection of Monsanto's commitment to continue delivering new high-performing products to southern farmers.

The 26,000-square-foot corn breeding station, located in the Flora Industrial Park, will employ approximately 10 full-time and up to 50 seasonal workers. Corn production in the southern region has been growing in the last several years, and the new site's research focus will be on using the latest breeding techniques to develop higher-yielding corn hybrids with greater resistance to disease and other environmental stresses, specifically adapted to the region.

The site will complement Monsanto's global breeding program and become part of a network of more than 50 corn breeding locations around the world. Southern farmers also will benefit from the genetic diversity of Monsanto's global germplasm pool.

"Our focus on research and development is what makes Monsanto a leader in agricultural productivity," said Ted Crosbie, global breeding lead for Monsanto. "Our new facility in Flora will help further strengthen our R&D capabilities, and also is a great opportunity for us to strengthen relationships and collaborations in the southern states."

Monsanto currently has 3 technology research sites in Mississippi – Scott, Leland, and Winterville – focused on delivering cotton and soy varieties and traits to meet the needs of southern farmers.

"We have always found that growing our crops where farmers will be growing theirs is the best way to develop new products that best meet the needs of our customers," Crosbie said. "Our existing facilities in Scott, Leland and Winterville help serve the farmers' need for innovative, higher-yielding products in cotton and soy. With the new site in Flora, we plan to do the same in corn."

Southeast Industrial Properties I, LLC, a joint venture between Jackson, MS-based Hines Investments, Inc. and Duckworth Realty, Inc., has been awarded the build-to-suit project by Monsanto. Peoples Construction Corp. is the General Contractor.

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