New Agtools from Asgrow, Dekalb and Deltapine Put Farmers on the Cutting Edge of Agricultural Innovation


The Asgrow®, DEKALB® and Deltapine® brands are launching an exciting lineup of free agTools to help farmers get more yield potential from technology.

Unveiled at the 2012 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, these tools include a suite of mobile applications that deliver commodities, weather radar maps, exclusive agronomic information, industry news,  grain elevator pricing and more to farmers’ tablets and smartphones.

“Our brands are committed to innovation inside and outside of the seed bag,” said Rick Myroup, DEKALB Brand Manager. “With so many recent advances within agriculture, farmers are faced with an overwhelming amount of information to sift through. This new suite of agTools is designed to provide customized information at the fingertips of our Asgrow, DEKALB and Deltapine customers to meet their specific needs, when they need it.”

Farmers attending the Farm Progress Show can speak to our experts, get the apps downloaded to their devices or get the hands-on experience by visiting the agCentral display in Asgrow and DEKALB tent #852. They are also available at, the Apple App store or the Google Play store.  Included are:

  • agSeedSelect lets farmers create, store, e-mail and print a seed guide tailored to their specific geography and crops.  It allows farmers and dealers to create a record of those products specific for the operation. It features videos of agronomists providing detailed information about top Asgrow soybean, DEKALB corn and Deltapine cotton products.  “As leaders in innovative seed technologies, it was only natural for us to enhance the way farmers research and select their Asgrow, DEKALB and Deltapine seed,” Myroup said.
  • agIndex is a dashboard app that provides commodity updates, exclusive agronomic information, weather with radar maps and industry news in a quick open, read and absorb format so you can quickly move on to your day’s tasks. Weather, commodity and insect alerts can be set based on the farmer’s location and crop portfolio.
  • agExchange enables farmers to plan their grain marketing and determine the best time and place to sell their inventory.  It calculates the mileage to and from so you can plan mileage costs into your ROI and also allows you to maintain transaction records in one convenient place.  (All data is secure and neither Monsanto nor any other third party has access to it.)
  • Weed Manager PLUS delivers accurate, region-specific weed management recommendations, a tank-mixing tool, videos outlining best management practices and a measurement conversion calculator.   This app is brought to farmers by Monsanto’s Roundup Ready PLUS™ Weed Management Solutions, which provides recommendations for managing tough-to-control and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Web agTools

  • In addition to the new mobile apps, Asgrow and DEKALB are also introducing other advanced informational tools to help enhance on-farm productivity and yield performance.
  • provides a virtual field tour with video product descriptions, pipeline information, new technology updates, contests and more.
  • allows farmers to watch videos covering a wide range of agronomic topics, from product evaluations to weed management.

Farmers can also register at for these additional tools:

  • agAhead provides individual plot harvest results by county, delivered via e-mail, text message and/or mail.
  • agUpdates keeps farmers informed with text message alerts on breaking agricultural news in their area, commodity pricing and new product announcements.
  • agKnowledge e-mails growers and dealers agronomic reports based on geography and season.


For more information, farmers can contact their local Asgrow and DEKALB Dealer, visit and follow their business on and