2012 News Releases

19 December 2012
Monsanto Company Sets Webcast And Analyst/Media Call For First-Quarter 2013 Earnings And Annual R&D Pipeline Update

03 December 2012
Genuity Corn Trait Products Deliver Strong Harvest Results In Challenging Season

03 December 2012
Monsanto Board Approves Dividend Of 37.5 Cents Per Share

28 November 2012
Strong Harvest Results Demonstrate Monsanto Company's Position As Industry Yield Leader; Chief Technology Officer Robb Fraley Presents Final 2012 Product Performance Data

14 November 2012
Monsanto Company Named One Of The World's Best Multinational Workplaces

14 November 2012

08 November 2012
Monsanto Executives to Address Investors in November

30 October 2012
Biosynthetic Technologies, LLC Identifies Monsanto's Vistive® Gold Soybeans As Outstanding For Biosynthetic Oil Use, Companies Form Collaboration On Bio-Based Lubricants

18 October 2012
Monsanto Company Board Sets Record and Meeting Date for Next Shareowners Meeting

17 October 2012
Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug Program Announces 2012 Winners

16 October 2012
Monsanto Announces Commitment To Invest An Acre Program

27 September 2012
Farmers Continue To Take Proactive Approach for Controlling Tough Weeds With Roundup Ready Plus Weed Management Solutions

26 September 2012
Monsanto Company Sets Webcast And Analyst/Media Call For Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2012 Earnings

25 September 2012
Monsanto Company Provides Royalty-Free Access To Important Biotechnology Innovation For Academic Research Community And Non-Profit Research Institutions

20 September 2012
Monsanto Company and Complix Nv Sign Collaboration to Bring New Technologies to Agriculture

20 September 2012
New Rt 4 Herbicide Will Be Available For 2013 Burndown Applications

19 September 2012
Monsanto Establishes Program To Fund Corn Rootworm Research

11 September 2012
Monsanto to Introduce Genuity Droughtgard Hybrids in Western Great Plains In 2013

05 September 2012
Monsanto Expands Refuge-In-A-Bag Portfolio To Include Genuity® VT Triple PRO® RIB Complete® Corn Blend

04 September 2012
Monsanto to Introduce Acceleron Seed Treatment Products With New Generation Fungicide In 2013

30 August 2012
Monsanto Executives To Address Investors In September

29 August 2012
New Agtools from Asgrow, Dekalb and Deltapine Put Farmers on the Cutting Edge of Agricultural Innovation

29 August 2012
New Weed Manager Plus Mobile Application Supports Roundup Ready Plus Weed Management Solutions

27 August 2012
Monsanto's FieldScripts(SM) Ground Breakers(SM) Trials To Begin In 2013

20 August 2012
Monsanto Company Announces Brett Begemann As President And Chief Commercial Officer

14 August 2012
Long-Term Agricultural Trends And Expanding Business Opportunities Drive Monsanto's Confidence In Global Growth

13 August 2012
Dekalb Silage Proven Products for 2013 Offer High Quality Feed and Maximum Milk Production

08 August 2012
Monsanto Board Approves 25 Percent Quarterly Dividend Increase To 37.5 Cents Per Share

06 August 2012
Monsanto Announces Commitments to Support Drought Stricken Farmers and Rural Communities

06 August 2012
Research Trials Demonstrate Weed Control and Crop Safety

01 August 2012
Federal Court Jury Finds In Favor Of Monsanto In Patent Case, DuPont And DuPont Pioneer Found Guilty Of 'Willful' Infringement Of Intellectual Property

10 July 2012
Monsanto Company announces $500 million debt issue

29 June 2012
Genuity Corn-On-Corn Clinics to Offer Agronomic Recommendations for Managing Continuous Corn Production

28 June 2012
Monsanto Company Releases 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

21 June 2012
Monsanto Company Completes Purchase Of Planting Technology Developer Precision Planting

11 June 2012
Deltapine New Product Evaluator Program Begins Fifth Year of Delivering New High-Yielding Varieties

06 June 2012
Monsanto Company Announces $1 Billion Share Repurchase Program, Declares Dividend

04 June 2012
Asgrow Brand Rock Star Products Take The Stage In 2013

31 May 2012
Corn-On-Corn Production Requires Increased Diligence to Agronomic Practices

30 May 2012
Monsanto Increases Fiscal Year 2012 Earnings Guidance, Projecting Up To 25 Percent Ongoing Earnings Growth; Free Cash Flow Guidance At High End Of Previous Outlook

23 May 2012
Monsanto Company to Purchase Planting Technology Developer Precision Planting, a Leader in Delivering Yield Through Technology

23 May 2012
Monsanto CTO Robb Fraley Defines New Growth Layers For Company's R&D Pipeline

22 May 2012
Advances in Soybean Breeding and Biotech Traits Reflect Monsanto’s “Decade Of The Bean” Focus on Higher Yields

18 May 2012
Monsanto Announces $50 Million Commitment To African Agricultural Development At Symposium On Global Agriculture And Food Security

16 May 2012
Opportunity International to Expand Access to Financial Services in Tanzania

30 April 2012
Misionero Vegetables and Seminis Vegetable Seeds Debut New Variety of Lettuce

27 March 2012
Monsanto Company Delivers Strong Third Quarter As Seed Business Maintains Momentum Through Culmination Of Key Selling Seasons

21 March 2012
New Seed Treatment Agreement Helps Farmers in North America Maximize Soybean and Cotton Performance

10 March 2012
Monsanto Company's Global Performance Drives 25 Percent 2012 Ongoing Earnings Per Share Growth; Company Underscores Mid-Teens Ongoing Earnings Per Share Growth Opportunity In 2013

01 March 2012
New Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System To Extend Weed Control and Maximize Yield

27 February 2012
Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit by Organic Growers Against Monsanto

21 February 2012
Western Great Plains Growers Gearing Up To Plant Monsanto's New DroughtGard™ Hybrids

31 January 2012
Farmer Satisfaction with Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans Hits 90 Percent

25 January 2012
Hugh Grant Op-Ed: Let's End World Hunger

19 January 2012
DEKALB® Celebrates 100 Years of Performance, Innovation and Customer Service in 2012

11 January 2012
Deltapine ® Cotton Varieties Offer Farmers Potential for Significant Yield Advantage in 2012

05 January 2012
Latin America Seed Growth Lifts Monsanto to Stronger-Than-Expected First Quarter as Company Guides to High End of Fiscal Year EPS Outlook

05 January 2012
Monsanto's Research Engine Delivers Record Progress Across Multiple Platforms