• why does agriculture need to be improved

    Why does agriculture need to be improved?

    The answer you’ll hear most often is that agriculture needs to produce more food because the world’s population is growing. That’s certainly true, and Monsanto—along with many other companies, governments and organizations—has been working to develop seeds and other systems that help farmers grow more.

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  • what is Monsanto doing to help

    What is Monsanto doing
    to help?

    We are a company committed to making agriculture more sustainable. It is our purpose to work alongside farmers, academics and society and find solutions to make agriculture more sustainable.

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  • how Monsanto is helping

    How are we doing it?

    When we look at the challenges of feeding, fueling and clothing a growing planet, we don’t see one answer. We see hundreds of possibilities.

    We’re best known for our advances in biotechnology. But biotechnology is only part of what we do.

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Addressing Root Causes

The Monsanto Fund has made contributions that have helped to improve lives by providing access to agricultural resources. Learn More »

modern breeding techniques

Monsanto is well known for our biotechnology. Therefore, you might be surprised to learn we spend 44% of our R&D investment on breeding.  Breeding »