DEKALB with Genuity 5% RIB Hybrid Corn Seed

Genuity® is the new trait innovation sub-brand that complements DEKALB®’s HIGH YIELD seed genetic technology by helping to provide YIELD PROTECTION. This enables farmers to improve their yield potential so they can create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities, and for us all.

DEKALB® with Genuity® 5% RIB protects yield with both effective weed control and protection against key worms: Asian Corn Borer, Common Cutworm and Corn Earworm.


Refuge is part of the Insect Resistance Management (IRM) Strategy that aims to preserve long term effectiveness of Bt corn technology.

“Refuge-In-a-Bag” or RIB is the concept of planting a mixture of Bt corn seed and non-Bt seed in a field, allowing the farmer to conveniently comply with the refuge requirement without the need to plant or maintain a separate refuge. 

In RIB, 5% of non-Bt seed is pre-blended with the Bt seed in a single bag, with the non-Bt corn refuge to be interspersed with the Bt corn in the same field. The new mandate does away with the need for a refuge strip or block within the field or immediately adjacent  to it.