When we look at the challenges of feeding, fueling and clothing a growing planet, we don’t see one answer. We see hundreds of possibilities.

We’re best known for our advances in biotechnology, and since 1996 farmers have used our biotech seeds to increase yield in important crops such as corn, soybeans and cotton. But biotechnology is only part of what we do.

The five areas we work in

In addition to biotechnology, we also use other innovations for improving agriculture. One of these is developing new ways to improve traditional plant breeding. Other improvements are achieved through agronomics solutions such as chemistries, biologicals and equipment technologies. You can learn more about these efforts in Building a Better System.

              Research areas

What drives our approach

We believe our job is to analyze the problems and challenges of agriculture and use human innovation to find solutions. Sometimes this innovation takes the form of scientific advancements such as pest-resistant corn, soybeans and cotton seeds. Or vegetable seeds that have been bred to deliver better nutrition. Or a satellite-driven, precision farming system that allows farmers to adjust their planting and fertilizing down to the square meter. But what they all have in common is this: they represent progress in the human struggle to feed ourselves using the limited resources the earth provides—and the unlimited resources of the human imagination.

In This Section

You can learn more about the  keys areas of agricultural innovation, the basics of biotechnology and breeding, agronomics, safety, and the innovations we’re working on.