Product Stewardship

MMB India considers Product Stewardship a fundamental component of responsible business practices and customer service.

Product Stewardship is the responsible management of a product from its inception to its ultimate use and discontinuation. The life cycle of a product takes through Discovery, Plant development, Regulatory testing and approval, Seed production, Distribution to farmers, Crop production and then into the delivery system that move commodities world-wide. 

Prior to the introduction of hybrid cotton seeds with Bollgard® insect-protection Bt cotton technologies in India, the Company practiced stewardship principles through every stage of testing of cotton technologies in India including product development, production, marketing, as well as introduction of new generation products like Bollgard® II.

Product Stewardship of Agri-biotechnology envisages:

  • Products are safe, environmentally responsible and used properly
  • All regulations and approvals are respected to meet conditions of registration
  • Product Identity, Integrity and Quality of the product are maintained
  • Market impacts associated with the product introduction are addressed
  • Product is responsibly managed in the market place
  • Manage systems to sustain effective use and availability of product to customers

The Technology Development and Trait Quality teams of MMB India interact with partner seed companies to provide training, guidance and support in testing, assessing and maintaining trait purity and trait quality parameters of Bollgard®technologies to ensure farmer benefit and long-term sustenance of Bt cotton technologies.