The 23,000 people who work at Monsanto have strong values that drive our business in agriculture. We strive to play a positive role in the communities where we work and live, and we are dedicated to providing transparency about what we do. This section provides answers to questions we regularly receive. If you have a question about an issue you don’t see answered, please drop us an email.

Monsanto Company

Once part of a diversified company, today Monsanto employees are 100 percent focused on agriculture – breeding seeds and developing solutions that help farmers produce more food and fiber while conserving resources like soil and water.

Product and Food Safety

As consumers ourselves, Monsanto employees are committed to providing growers with products that are safe and environmentally responsible. Comprehensive product testing, quality control and stewardship programs support our commitment to safety.

Just Plain False

While Monsanto certainly isn’t above criticism, we’d like to clarify some of the incorrect information about our Company that is often repeated on the Internet.

Science and Innovation in Agriculture

At the core of Monsanto’s business is a commitment to sound science and innovation, which enables our research team to deliver consistently high-quality products that provide benefits to farmers and the environment.

Shared Interests in Agriculture

Monsanto often works with companies and organizations in the agricultural, food and related industries to address topics that are not company specific, but rather impact our industries overall.