Monsanto India showcases high yielding varieties of Seminis ® Hybrid vegetables during Pragathi Divas 2014


Monsanto’s Vegetable Business – Global Snapshot

  • $821 million of revenue in fiscal year 2013
  • Sales in more than 160 countries
  • 22 crops and portfolio of over 2,000 varieties
  • 55 research stations around the world
  • ~ 4,000 employees worldwide, 30% in Vegetable R&D

~ Over 100 farmers, dealers & distributors experience latest technological knowhow & new crops in the pipeline ~

~ Enhanced knowledge about Seminis® hybrid seeds and latest agronomic practices ~

Chikaballapur, Karnataka, April 23, 2014: In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Monsanto India organised Pragathi Divas 2014 to demonstrate and showcase its Seminis ® hybrid vegetable portfolio. The event organized at Monsanto’s state-of-the-art breeding station in Gauribidanur, was attended by dealers, distributors and more than 100 farmers from adjoining villages.

In a rare opportunity, farmers, dealers and distributors witnessed vegetables grown from Monsanto’s Seminis® hybrid vegetable seeds and experienced the successes from latest crop management practices. Farmers were also provided details of traditional plant breeding techniques and the modern science behind Seminis ® vegetable seeds and the best possible marketable yield with improved flavor, convenience and nutrition for consumers. 

The participants were also taken on a tour of the breeding station which is spread across 117 acres at Kallinayakanahalli in Chikkaballapur district.

This state-of-the-art breeding station is a ‘Centre for Excellence’ for research in hybrid seeds and is modeled on the main Monsanto research facility in Chesterfield Village, St. Louis, USA. This facility is focused on developing and testing new hybrid seed varieties of maize, tomatoes, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pepper, onions and beans, with research & development laboratories, trial fields and greenhouses under one roof.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Gyanendra Shukla, Managing Director, Monsanto India Limited said, “At Monsanto, we firmly believe technology is crucial for agricultural growth and prosperity and we have always invested in Research & Development with a focus on increasing productivity efficiently.

With growing populations, increasing incomes and new health recommendations, the demand for a wider variety of high – quality vegetables will continue to increase, resulting in an immediate need to harvest better quality, nutritious food from each unit of land, water and energy. Monsanto is working with farmers to enable them to meet these challenges by developing vegetable seeds that help growers to produce tastier, nutritious vegetables and also help conserve natural resources.”

Currently, Monsanto’s vegetable seed products include broccoli, cabbage, carrot, leek, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, sweet corn, tomato, pepper, onion and eggplant. In the future, we are also focusing on technologies like:

§  Bacterial Wilt Resistant Tomato (BWT) which would provide yield protection in areas where BWT is endemic. Bacterial Wilt occurs in warm & humid environments which results in loses of 40-90 % marketable fruit.

§  Geminivirus Resistance which would protect tomatoes against their most significant disease threat.

Monsanto’s Vegetable Business – Global Snapshot

·         $821 million of revenue in fiscal year 2013

·         Sales in more than 160 countries

·         22 crops and portfolio of over 2,000 varieties

·         55 research stations around the world

·         ~ 4,000 employees worldwide, 30% in Vegetable R&D

·         Monsanto Company invests 10% of sales in R&D


§  Using Broad Application of Marker-Assisted Breeding to improve resistance to Phytophthora. Phytophthora Resistant Peppers shows strong field performance in multiple countries.

VK Kishore, Director R&D-Vegetables, Monsanto said, “Monsanto’s Vegetable Seeds Division is focused on innovation to improve both the quality and productivity of vegetables grown from our seeds. We develop hybrids that offer higher yield potential, improved quality, uniformity, flavor and nutrition, as well as better resistance to insect pests and adverse environmental conditions. Through constant engagement with farmers across the country, we endeavour to understand their needs and requirements better; and develop superior quality seeds, suited to varied agronomic conditions which ensure the best fit for farmers and their land, equip their farm against constraints and help maximize yields.”

Monsanto has seven R&D Seed Breeding Stations in Abohar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Dharwad, Ghaziabad, Kallakal and Sonepat and a state-of-the-art QA Seed Testing Laboratory and a Seed Processing plant at Shamirpet near Hyderabad, and is testing and introducing wider choices of hybrid vegetable seeds suited to diverse agronomic conditions to enable farmers to produce more, and improve their lives.

About Monsanto Company

Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. Monsanto remains focused on enabling both small-holder and large-scale farmers to produce more from their land while conserving more of our world's natural resources such as water and energy.

Monsanto Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (a 100% subsidiary of Monsanto Company) is focused on marketing Paras hybrid cotton seeds and Seminis® vegetable hybrid seeds.

Seminis® brand of vegetable seeds improve nutrition, quality and productivity of vegetables. We develop products that will offer new, healthy choices for consumers and offer more than 110 distinct vegetable seeds presenting major vegetable crops of the country including beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pickling cucumber, eggplant, gourds, hot pepper, musk melon, onion, radish, squash, sweet pepper, tomato, watermelon and other crops. We hope that by developing vegetables products with excellent flavour and real nutritional benefits, people will enjoy eating more vegetables.

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