Monsanto India continues its efforts towards clean drinking water & improving School Infrastructure


Monsanto Fund & AFPRO join hands to install 3 water recharge units to support 350 households & over 500 students

Chikkaballapur, October 30, 2014: In continuance to its commitment towards improving lives of residents and students of Kallinayakanahalli, Monsanto in association with Action for Food Production (AFPRO) has built three water recharge units in the region. In addition, the company has also donated 30 benches to the local Government School along with two advanced coloured PSC (printer scanner copier) machines.

The three water recharge units that could support an equal number of borewells will recharge nearly 90 lakh litres of water put together. The village of Kallinayakanahalli receives an annual rainfall of around 700mm. However, very little rainfall in the region over the past three years has dried up most of the borewells leading to an acute shortage of drinking water for the residents.

As a part of Monsanto’s Human Rights & Water initiative, these water recharge units would support nearly 350 households, over 1,000 livestock and more than 500 students in the local government school. In addition, the thirty benches which have been donated to the Government School in Kallinayakanahalli will help the school accommodate an additional 150 students. The advanced photocopier machines will aid authorities in efficiently administering their functions towards the school.

These efforts augment Monsanto’s past initiatives wherein it donated RO water units to the school, in a bid to provide clean and safe drinking water to the students.

Witnessing this noble cause were Shri MV Venkatesh, Deputy Commissioner, Chikkaballapur Taluka, Panchayat members, farmer leaders, local villagers, members from Monsanto’s leadership team including Shri Prashant Hegde - Asia Vegetable Business Lead, Shri VK Kishore - Asia Vegetable R&D Lead and Shri Hema Reddy - India Corn R&D Lead.

Shri MV Venkatesh, Deputy Commissioner, Chikkaballapur Taluka said, “It is heartening to see Monsanto’s commitment and efforts towards improving the lives of students and residents of the region. These initiatives will go a long way in enhancing the quality of school infrastructure, translating directly into students’ welfare. The water recharge units will also help a great deal in tackling the drinking water challenge that our residents had been facing for long now.”

Shri Prashant Hegde, Asia Vegetable Business Lead, Monsanto reiterating the organisation’s focus on community development, said, “Monsanto works very closely with farmers and this is an attempt to understand their needs. We understand the need for clean water and good school infrastructure, and hope the benefit reaches to the maximum number of farmers and students. We will constantly endeavour to contribute our bit towards community welfare and will seek to engage actively on more such occasions in future.”

Monsanto’s has state-of-the-art seed breeding facility in Chikkaballapur that is focused on developing and testing new hybrid seed varieties of maize, tomatoes, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, pepper, onions and beans, with research and development, labs, trial fields and greenhouses under one roof. This integration of facilities both in the laboratory and in the field seeks to create an environment of seamless research that will reduce the time to introduce new and better seeds into the market.


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Action for Food Production (AFPRO) as a secular socio-technical development organization with Christian inspiration visualizes itself as working to enable the rural poor – including women and men belonging to small and marginal farmers and the landless, dalits, tribal people, fisher folk and unemployed youth – to move towards sustainable development, through and overall increase in their knowledge and skills in areas that directly affect their standard and quality of life.

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